18.10Misfit Talks – Sleep Essentials with Dr Elizabeth Halstead


Misfit Gym

Date & Time

Wednesday 18/10/23

19:00 - 20:30


💤 Misfit Talks – Sleep Essentials with Dr Elizabeth Halstead 💤

Join the Misfit team and special guys Dr Elizabeth Halstead for an evening discussing all things sleep. Dr Halstead is a chartered psychologist, lecturer at UCL in London and a consultant who specialises in resilience, mental health and is one of the UK’s leading behavioural sleep experts.

In this sleep essentials talk, we’ll cover:

⭐️ How to solve sleep problems such as waking up during the night and difficulty falling asleep

⭐️ Sleep basics to understand how daytime and evening behaviours affect your sleep

⭐️ Anxiety and sleep

⭐️ Sleep Hygiene

⭐️ Q and A for all of your sleep questions and problems

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